Our Services

With the 'benefit of customers' as our focus, we do provide services in all the major areas of Laboratory Operations as -

Customer Support

We support right from the designing of Laboratory infrastructure, Layout Planning in line with the workflow, so that the Laboratory is equipped for Accreditation, Positioning the right kind of instrumentation for right kind of Laboratory need, Future Scope Etc.

Application/Knowledge Services

 We provide services to Establish the New Clinical parameters to be reported by a laboratory, Details regarding the parameters with application sheets and international traceability data etc. Setting up of the parameters with Calibration and Validation with Controls is a major Value which is delivered by us.

Instrument Breakdown Services

We do attend and arrange for instrument breakdown Services for our customers representing the companies for which we are authorized. We have dedicated team of engineers for such services.

Calibration Services

To add to our kitty of services we provide the calibration and certification services for certain instruments. Calibration is required for Laboratories and Blood Banks. Specifically it is mandatory for ISO Certifications and NABL accreditation.


Quality Products

We play an important role in supporting our customers with regards to Designing, Accreditation, Product Promotion, Establishing QC norms etc.

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